faceted gemstones

We source our gemstones exclusively from Zambia and the neighbouring countries. Most of the stones offered here were found in small artisanal mines operated by our Zambian partners under a so called artisanal gemstone mining licence. Therefore, we are in control of the complete production chain from the discovery of the rough stone to the finished faceted gem. We can therefore ensure that our gemstones are natural and untreated. They are neither heated, irradiated nor impregnated with oil or other substances for clarity or colour improvement. Our stones are 100% natural. We can also guarantee that our stones do not come from dubious sources like war zones, mines with abusive labout conditions or with environmentally polluting mining methods.

However, quite commonly rough gemstones, i.e. emeralds, are being covered with baby oil in order to better judge the quality (clarity) before cutting. There is the slight chance that some of this oil remains in fine cracks or fissures even after cutting, which may resemble slight clarity enhancement with oil when the stone is examined, e.g. in a gemmological laboratory.


faceted aquamarine faceted morganite faceted emerald
aquamarine morganite emerald


faceted tourmaline faceted citrin Various gemstones 
tourmaline natural citrin and amethyst various gemstones

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