Zambia - Hidden Paradises

Zambias Hidden Paradises



 Kapishya Hot Springs

Within the hills behind Shiva Ngandu lies a true little paradise: the Kapishya hot springs


With a beautiful lodge built next to it


The water comes out of the ground at 40°C and pools behind a little artificial dam with white sand on the bottom


The area around the Lodge is great for short hikes up the hills


View from the top of the hill next to the Lodge


View from the top next to the Lodge


Kundalila Falls

The Kundalila Falls are a Zambian National Monument


The Kaombe River falls 70m down the escarpment


A foot path leads the the base of the falls


Rock formations at Kundalila Falls


Kasanka National Park

A very small Kasanka National Park North of Serenje hosts a large number of small antelopes


The beautiful Wasa lodge at the shore of a lake offers good comfort and an excellent view to the wildlife at the lake.


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