Zambia - Lavushi Manda National Park

Lavushi Manda National Park



The Lavushi Manda National Park is barely visited. Only recently a couple of basic campsites were built by the Kasanka trust.


Pristine Miombo woodland has been preserved inside the park, but most animals disappeared as poaching was not controlled for years.


The park offers stunning landscapes and untouched nature combined with the almost complete absence of tourists


The Kapanda Lupili Falls of the Lukulu river from below


The Kapanda Lupili Falls from above


The Lukulu river


Beautiful Butterfly


The Lukulu river


Mumbatuta Falls of the Lukulu river


Mumbatuta campsite


Mumbatuta Falls - a great spot for a bath (no crocodiles below the falls - at least you would see them)


Mumbatuta Falls


Mumbatuta Falls


Lukulu river near Mumbatuta Falls


Malauzi valley


Malauzi campsite


Climbing Mount Lavushi (1623m)


Climbing Mount Lavushi (1623m)


Climbing Mount Lavushi (1623m)


Radio relais station on Mt. Lavushi


Malauzi valley


Interesting gorge to be explored


Inside the gorge


View towards Mt. Lavushi




Lavushi Mountains


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