Some links to interesting and useful webpages about gemstones and minerals and about Zambia


About Zambia:

Zambia Tourism - The official site for tourism in Zambia

Mining News Zambia - Information on Zambian mining industry


About Minerals:

Webmineral - An extensive database about physical and chemical properties of minerals

Lapis Mineralienmagazin - German mineral magazine (in German)


About Gemstones:

Gemstoneworld - A blog about jewelry, gemstones and industry news

Beyond 4Cs - A consumer education portal for diamond shopping

Pinfire Opals - Great site about opals (in German)

Gemologyonline - Wast forum about gemstones and gemology

Gemval - Appraisal service for gemstones


About Gemstone Faceting:

Swiss Faceter's Guild - Swiss gemstone cutter's association (in German)

Stei-Egge Schindellegi - Gem cuttinng courses in Switzerland (in German)


Famous Gemlabs in Switzerland:

Gübelin Gemlab Luzern

SSEF Basel



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